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Mass on Sundays

St Vincent St Joseph Lenten Mass schedule

Mass On Sundays:

  • Hear and view live stream of the Mass in the St. Vincent’s Hall.  Remember to social distance and wear a mask.
  • Hear Mass in your car on the radio station 105.3.
  • Masses are live streamed in the hall

Holy Communion will be distributed at these places during communion time.

You may also watch Mass livestream in your home.

Other Information

We strongly encourage parishioners 65 and older, and those with underlying medical issues, to stay home and participate in our online livestream Masses or hear Mass in your car on the radio station 105.3. Those who are or have recently been ill with coughs, fevers, breathing troubles MUST STAY HOME out of concern for the others.

A MASK is highly suggested when you come to Mass. Those age 7 and older are asked to wear a mas from the time you exit your vehicle until you return. The mask protects OTHERS and helps them feel safer. Our of charity, wear a mask. Here is a good video:

PERSONAL SANITIZER: You are asked to bring your personal hand sanitizer. We suggest you use it once seated, prior to communion, immediately after communion, and once you return to your vehicle.

COMMUNION: Please leave your mask on as you approach the Eucharist. As you approach the priest or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, lower your mask and receive the Host. Here is a good video:

COLLECTION/TITHE: Thank you to those who have been faithfully sending in their collection envelopes. It has been much appreciated and much needed. You may donate online to St Joseph at and to St. Vincent at A box will be available at Masses into which you may put your offering. There will be no ushers.


• Communion from the Chalice remains suspended
• The Sign of Peace is still suspended
• There are to be no gatherings before or after Masses, inside or outside
• The gifts will not be carried forward
• There will not be a choir at any Mass
• There will be no Missalettes/Hymnals available
• The choir loft is closed to the public.
• St. Joseph Church remains unlocked for personal prayer every day from 8am – 8pm

The health of our family is an important priority, second to eternal salvation! If we are going to err, it is going to be on the side of caution. We ask you to respect and protect those you encounter at Mass. There will be challenges and frustration as we work through the guidelines provided for our protection, now and in the future. We appreciate your understanding and support. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we ask for a place in yours!
Please watch our VIDEO here:

Father Mike offers daily masses via Facebook at and also via Flocknote. There are also other resources that are wonderful found at

Ash Wednesday is February 17th – We have been taught that the three things we should do during Lent have to do with Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. The Church as a whole and our parishes try to help us do these things. This Lent we are offering something you can do wherever you have your smart phone. Download the Flocknote App on your phone. You will have many things you can watch and/or listen to that will inform you and lead you to prayer right at your fingertips. Fasting and Almsgiving can be taken care of by making at least one small simple meal each week and saving the money for the Rice Bowl collection which you can bring to church and place in the large rice bowl near the tabernacle at St. Vincent Church. It will be there all during Lent.


  • St. Vincent’s Parish has joined St. Joseph Parish on Flocknote. This is an easy way for us to communicate with people. o
    If you do not receive Flocknotes from St. Joseph and St. Vincent and want to receive them, please go to and sign up

Detailed signup instructions

Pray for Our Seminarians

We all know that we need more Priests. One thing we can do to help the situation is to pray for our seminarians. The Archdiocese is helping us to do just that. Each parish is given a specific seminarian to pray for. St. Vincent’s Seminarian is Liam Hosty. His home parish is St. Barnabas Parish in Indianapolis. He is in his first year of Theology, so he has several years to go before ordination. There are prayer cards with Liam’s picture on them by the doors of Church and in the Hall. Please take one to remind yourself to pray for more priests and especially, Liam.

Thank You..Thank You!

Thank Kim Knight, Nicky Meriwether, and Kenny
Zauss. These men worked for days and nights
last week so we could have heat in St. Vincent
Church on Sunday.

 St. Vincent’s Ann Altar Society

  • Now is the time to look ahead to Spring and the upcoming rummage sale tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 9th and Saturday, April 10th. You may bring your clean usable rummage to Sr. Joan’s garage at your convenience.

  • When someone donates to these Endowment Funds, it is leaving a legacy to the future of St. Vincent de Paul Parish and Cemetery.

Newsletters: Around The Parish February 2021

  • Around the Parish February 2021
  • Click to view the Newsletter
  • Please share your joys and sorrows with your parish family. Please call Pat or email her at or put your news item in the orange envelope at each Church door
  • Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter this past year. A special thank you to Sr. Joan and Tammy Jones for their assistance. I could not do this without them. May God Bless all in the new year. Thank you, Pat Barley
  • The dead-line for the September Newsletter is Sunday, February 21st 2021

Book Box at St. Vincent:

  • There is a new Book Box in the corner of St. Vincent’s parking lot by the Hall. It is for people to trade books. Bring a book, take a book. The books can be children’s book, good novels, whatever kind you want to share. There is no limit of how many you take or if you bring them back just enjoy.

Mobile giving please see attached instructions:

10 New trees around St. Vincent campus

We are planting 10 new trees 6 are swamp white oak and 4 are white Pine around the St Vincent Campus to replace the Ash trees that were recently cut down.  We are treating 2 ash trees to see if they can be saved


Wednesday Afternoon Rosary:

  • Rosary at 5:30 PM in the hall
  • How to Pray the Rosary
  • If you can make the commitment to lead the Rosary
    on Wednesday evenings at  5:30pm in St. Vincent Parish Hall, please contact Sr. Joan at the
    St. Vincent office, 317-398-4028

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