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We joyfully share our gifts to nourish the community.

Mass on Sundays


Mass On Sundays:

  • Hear and view live stream of the Mass in the St. Vincent’s Hall. 
  • Hear Mass in your car on the radio station 105.3.
  • Masses are live streamed in the hall

Holy Communion will be distributed at these places during communion time.

You may also watch Mass livestream in your home.

Father Mike offers daily masses via Facebook at and also via Flocknote. There are also other resources that are wonderful found at

Religious Education at St. Vincent—Sept. 8

  • Religious Education Classes will begin on Wednesday September 8th at 6:15pm for 4 year old preschool through 8th grade students. Registration fee is $50.00 per family, but don’t let that keep you from coming. Please register online on our website: as soon as possible. Sr. Joan needs to order books and supplies. The fee is paid on the first night of class.

  • Religious Signup Form

  • High School Freshman will have Confirmation class at a different time. More information later.

  • The Sunday evening Youth Group is religious education for the rest of the High School students

The Sisters of St. Francis Celebrate—July 25

  • The Sisters of St. Francis Oldenburg, IN announce the Jubilee Celebration of Sr. Joan on Sunday, July 25, 2021. The Eucharistic Liturgy will be live streamed at 2:00 pm EDT via this link only: This is a celebration of all the Sisters who are celebrating 75 years, 70 years, 60 years, and 15 years as a Sister of St. Francis, Oldenburg. Because of COVID the ceremony is not open to the public.

Greeters at Mass

  • St. Vincent will again have Greeters at Sunday 8:30am morning Mass when we have inside Mass. If you are willing to greet (no handshaking) and can be at church by 8:10am, please email Paula Perry by Monday, July 5th so that she can include you on the schedule that begins in August.


  • If you are interested in reaching out to people who may be interested in the Catholic faith, please contact Pat Barley or Sr. Joan.


St. Vincent’s Parish has joined St. Joseph Parish on Flocknote. This is an easy way for us to communicate with people.
If you do not receive Flocknotes from St. Joseph and St. Vincent and want to receive them, please go to and sign up

Detailed signup instructions


Prayer Before & After Mass

Remember that it is a beautiful practice to pray before Mass and after Mass. Offer a pious, heartfelt prayer before Mass asking Jesus to touch and transform your life. Offer another such prayer at the end of Mass, thanking God for the Eucharist

James P. Scott Endowment Fund Grant

  • We are delighted to report that we are the recipients of a grant from the James P. Scott Endowment Fund, which is maintained through the Catholic Community Foundation of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The James P. Scott Endowment Fund was established through a generous gift by James P. Scott to be used to support capital needs in the archdiocese. The grant award is being used to purchase a new propane burning boiler for the church. Hopefully it will be installed by this Fall. If you are interested in learning more about this grant or the Catholic Community  Foundation, please visit or call 317-236-1482.

Travelling? GO TO MASS!

  • to find a Mass where you’re going.  Remember: it is a mortal sin to miss Sunday Mass, whether you are on vacation or not!


  • When someone donates to these Endowment Funds, it is leaving a legacy to the future of St. Vincent de Paul Parish and Cemetery.

Newsletters: Around The Parish July 2021

  • Around the Parish July 2021
  • Click to view the Newsletter
  • Please share your joys and sorrows with your parish family. Please call Pat or email her at or put your news item in the orange envelope at each Church door
  • Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter this past year. A special thank you to Sr. Joan and Tammy Jones for their assistance. I could not do this without them. May God Bless all in the new year. Thank you, Pat Barley
  • The dead-line for the September Newsletter is Sunday, July 25th 2021

Book Box at St. Vincent:

  • There is a new Book Box in the corner of St. Vincent’s parking lot by the Hall. It is for people to trade books. Bring a book, take a book. The books can be children’s book, good novels, whatever kind you want to share. There is no limit of how many you take or if you bring them back just enjoy.

Mobile giving please see attached instructions:


Wednesday Afternoon Rosary:

  • Rosary at 5:30 PM in the hall
  • How to Pray the Rosary
  • If you can make the commitment to lead the Rosary
    on Wednesday evenings at  5:30pm in St. Vincent Parish Hall, please contact Sr. Joan at the
    St. Vincent office, 317-398-4028

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